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Live! Casino & Hotel's Privacy Notice Highlights

Welcome to Live! Casino & Hotel's online privacy notice (the "Privacy Notice") for this website, [], the Live! Casino & Hotel mobile app (the “Mobile App”), and any other applications or features offered by Live! Casino & Hotel that post a link to this Privacy Policy. This website, the Mobile App, and other applications and features are referred to in this Privacy Notice as the "Site." As used in this Policy, the terms "you," "your," and "yours" refer to you the user of this Site or any other guest, person, or entity who accesses or uses this Site or services from the Site. The terms "we," "us," "our," “LCH” or "ours" refers to Live! Casino & Hotel and any vendors, contractors, and agents of Live! Casino & Hotel that provide services related to the Site on our behalf.. This notice provides highlights of the full Privacy Notice that currently applies to LCH’s collection and use of information from any device used to access or connect to the Site. Because the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) may apply to us, we also provide a California Supplemental Privacy Notice for the benefit of those who live in or are domiciled in California.

What's New?
This Privacy Notice was last updated effective 12/15/2021

Information Sharing
LCH receives and sometimes shares certain of your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information. We gather anonymized information about you through Google Analytics and other means, and share information with other service providers who serve you and data analytics providers that help us know our website visitors and Mobile App users better. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO SHARE INFORMATION AS CONTEMPLATED IN THIS PRIVACY NOTICE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SITE.

We may disclose anonymized information and Personal Information about you for advertising purposes, but not Confidential Personal Information.

How To Contact Us
Legal Department 7002 Arundel Mills Circle Suite 7777 Hanover, MD 21076

Information We Collect and Receive
We collect and receive information about you when you give it to us directly and when you visit the Site or use the Mobile App. See our full Privacy Notice, below, for further information.

Your Privacy Choices
Unless you opt in, we will not: a. Send you Internet-to-phone short message service (SMS) messages (text messages); b. Send you mobile service commercial messages (MSCMs) directed to one of your wireless devices that you use as the subscriber to a commercial mobile service; or c. Use geolocation tracking to locate your mobile device

You may opt out of: a. Receiving targeted advertising that is directed to your particular interests, by completing the Unsubscribe Form, b. Receiving marketing email, by unsubscribing using the appropriate link in a marketing email; c. Receiving telemarketing calls, by telling us to put you on our internal do-not-call list, or for those who have not been our customers for the previous 18 months and who have not given us prior consent to call, by subscribing to the U.S. National Do-Not-Call Registry; d. Our sharing your Personal Information with third parties, by filling out the following Unsubscribe Form.

You can manage cookies using browser controls in such a way that some of our data gathering will be eliminated.