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$300,000 Pick 'em challenge!

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$300,000 Pick 'Em Challenge

Earn 100 Tier Credits each week to join the competition for your chance to win!




  • Once 100 Tier Credits are earned each week, simply swipe yourLive! Rewards® card at any promotional kiosk to participate.
  • Guests can earn 100 Tier Credits 8:00AM Tuesday – 11:59PM Saturday each week to receive your pick
  • Can participate once a week
  • The 10 guests with the highest number of winners picked each week will win free play prizes at their respective property
  • Winners will be posted and Free Play will be added on Tuesday’s by 12:00PM
  • In the case of a weekly tie, the tie breaker will be based on the guests total combined score guess for the designated Monday night game
  • The top 100 guests from each Live! Casino property that have participated in every week of the promotion with the most correct picks at the end of the season with win cash and free play prizes.
  • The 3 guests that have participated in every week with the lowest number of picked winners will win $500 free play.
  • In the case of a tie at the end of the season, the tie breaker will be based on who has the overall lowest point differential from the season.

Exclusions apply.

Live! Pick Em’ Challenge Rules

  1. The Pick Em’ Challenge begins on Tuesday 09/04/2023 at 8:00AM and goes through the entire football season ending on Sunday 1/7/2024.
  2. Guests are able to earn 100 Tier Credits from 8:00AM Tuesday – 11:59PM Saturday to receive a Pick Em Card.
  3. All Pick Em Cards must be redeemed at any promotional kiosk prior to 11:59PM Saturday
  4. Only Sunday and Monday games will be available on the Pick Em Card.
  5. We will adjust flex and TBD game times according to the NFL.
  6. Tie Breaker: all participates will enter a tie breaker score (total of both scores from chosen game each week) for each pick em card. Participant with the closest guess will win. If there is a tie after that it will be based on the date/time the picks were made.
  7. There will be 10 winners each week and the weekly winners will be posted on our website.
    1. 1st place: $1,000 FSP
    2. 2nd – 3rd place: $750 FSP
    3. 4th – 6th place: $500 FSP
    4. 7th – 10th place: $250 FSP
  8. Weekly prizes will be available every Tuesday by 12:00PM. To claim prizes swipe your Live! Rewards Card at any Promotional Kiosk. Enter the promotion on the kiosk and click on My Picks. Prizes must be claimed before Saturday 11:59PM. Any prizes not claimed will be forfeited.
  9. Top 200 guests from all Live! Casino properties with the most correct picks will win Cash or Free Play.
  10. Season Grand Prize winners will be posted on 01/09/2024 at 12:00PM.
  11. Guest’s highest score each week will count towards their season total.
  12. Once a player selects their teams for the week and a ticket is printed the card is considered final. There will be no changes to picks after the ticket is printed from the kiosk. In the event there is a ticket malfunction, and a ticket does not print, the player can reprint the ticket from the kiosk. A printed ticket is not necessary to win.
  13. All prize payouts will be available at the property in which the guests made their picks.
  14. All contestants must be a Live! Rewards Member.

Valid only at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland. Must be a Live! Rewards® Member. Must be present to win. Retail & Poker Tier Credits do not count towards the earning threshold for this promotion. Live! Casino & Hotel will not be held responsible for a patron's failure to respond to his/her name being announced. Prizes may differ from photos shown. Management reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any program without notice. Free Slot Play up to $999 expires 24 hours after issuance. Free Slot Play over $1,000 expires 30 days after issuance. Players can only win once during the promotional period. Visit the Live! Rewards® Club for Rules and Details. General Rules. ©2023

Weekly Winners!

(Week 2)

Prize Rank Player Id Total Winning Picks Prize Name
1 MD001521103 14 $1000 Free Slot Play
2 MD000337535 14 $750 Free Slot Play
3 MD001221392 14 $750 Free Slot Play
4 MD001826011 14 $500 Free Slot Play
5 MD000710787 14 $500 Free Slot Play
6 MD000814321 14 $500 Free Slot Play
7 MD000024537 14 $250 Free Slot Play
8 MD000036878 13 $250 Free Slot Play
9 MD000692394 13 $250 Free Slot Play
10 MD000112470 13 $250 Free Slot Play