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Late Night High Hands

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July High Hands

Day Amount Timeframe Frequency
Sunday $400 11:00AM - 10:00PM 15 Minutes
Monday** $200 11:00AM - Midnight 20 Minutes
Tuesday $300 11:00AM - Midnight 20 Minutes
Wednesday $300 11:00AM - Midnight 20 Minutes
Thursday $500 11:00AM - Midnight 20 Minutes
Friday & Saturday* $400 11:00AM - Midnight 20 Minutes
Daily Late Night $100 Midnight - 9:00AM 30 Minutes w/Rollovers

Saturday High Hand Special
Win $1,000 EVERY 30 Minutes! 
Saturday, July 16 & 30 
11:00AM - Midnight

The $15,000 High Hand Hustle
$500 payouts to the top 20 High Hands each hour!
Daily | 9:00AM - 10:00AM  

$250 payouts to the top 20 High Hands each hour! 

Daily | 10:00AM - 11:00AM 


  1. Must be 21 or older.
  2. Minimum qualifying hand of Ace’s full.
  3. Unless stated, in the event there is no qualifying high hand, there will be no rollovers. 
  4. During the Daily Late Night promotions, if there is no qualifying high hand during a timeframe, the money will roll over to the next period. If there is no high hand during the last period, the promo ends, no money rolls over to any other period. 
  5. There will be no ties.  You must beat the posted high hand.
  6. Pot must be at least $10 in size including rake and jackpot.
  7. Players must use two hole cards combined with 3 board cards to qualify.
  8. Must be your best possible hand to win using both of your hole cards.  Must be the winning hand.
  9. Hands must be verified by a supervisor.
  10. Winners must be present.
  11. Must be playing in Jackpot eligible Texas Hold’em game.
  12. Short-handed games (3 or less players) are not eligible for jackpots and will not be subject to the jackpot drop.  
  13. Players can win more than one prize.
  14. On announcement of the completion of the period or the clock sounding the period is over, any new high hands will apply to the next time period.
  15. The High Hand Hustle runs daily from 9:00AM-11:00AM. The top 20 qualifying high hands during the 9:00AM-10:00AM period will each win $500. The top 20 qualifying high hands during the 10:00AM- 11:00AM will each win $250.
  16. During the High Hand Hustle, you may tie a high hand and qualify, as long as that ranks you in the top 20 of the high hands. In case of a tie, the first qualifying hand stays on the board until a higher hand supersedes your hand. If you tie the twentieth ranked high hand, your hand does not qualify.
  17. On Saturday, July 16 & 30, the special high hand promotion of $1,000 every 30 minutes will run instead of the regularly scheduled promotion. This promotion will run from 11:00AM-Midnight.
  18. **On Monday, July 4, the High Hand Hustle and regularly scheduled daytime promotion will not run.
  19. Anyone found to be in violation of the integrity of these promotions, shall be disqualified. This includes slow rolling or slow playing to get to the next time period.
  20. Side betting or selling of high hands is prohibited.
  21. Funds will come from the Reserve Jackpot.
  22. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion.