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How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

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For the ultimate in thrills, try Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em. You and your cards go up against the dealer to form the best hand from a two-card deal and five community cards.

How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em

Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a version of Texas Hold'Em Poker but only played against the dealer and not against the other players. Both the player and the dealer receive 2 cards. There will be 5 community cards that both the dealer and the player will combine with their own 2 cards, a total of 7 cards, to make the best 5 card hand.

Before receiving their 2 cards, players must make an Ante wager and Blind wager and they must be equal. They also have the option to play the bonus wager (Trips bet) at this time.

**Trips Bet: wager solely that their own 5 card hand will be a Three of a Kind (trips) or higher.

Once the player receives their 2 cards, they now have an option: They can either check (do nothing) or they can bet. If they want to Play after only seeing their first 2 cards, they must play 3x or 4x their Ante wager.

The dealer will now reveal the first 3 of the community cards (the Flop). After the Flop has been revealed, the player now has the option to check (do nothing) or bet. If they want to Play, they must wager 2x their Ante wager.

The dealer will now reveal the last 2 of the community cards together, this is the River. At this point, the player now has the option to Play equal to their Ante wager, or fold the hand. If they fold the hand they lose all wagers except for the Trips bet.

The dealer will now revel their own 2 cards and show what their best 5 card hand is. The dealer must have at least a pair to qualify, if they do not qualify, the players will all get their Ante wager back.

The dealer will now determine, between each player and the dealer individually, which hand is higher.

The Play and Ante wagers will be paid even if the player wins against the dealer. The Blind wager will push if the player wins and be paid if the player wins with a Straight or better. These bets will all lose if the dealer wins the hand.

The Trips bet will be paid regardless of the outcome of the hand If the player has Three of a Kind or better.